German Friendship Committee with Saharawi people expresses its concern over disastrous verdicts against Gdeim Izik Sahrawi political prisoners‏

Bremen (Germany), August 09, 2017 (SPS) – the German Committee of Friendship with the Saharawi people has expressed its deep deep and sincere solidarity with the Gdeim Izik prisoners and the Sahrawi people after the recent disastrous verdicts against 23 Sahrwai human rights activist ranging from 20 years to life imprisonment, in statement a copy of which obtained by SPS

The committee said in its statement that “quite recently, after months of delaying tactics, the court in Rabat has confirmed judgments for Sahrawi independence activists and human rights defenders, outspoken four years ago by a military court, though civilians, ranging from 20 years to life imprisonment.”

In fact the occupying Morocco punishes political activists calling for independence of their brutally occupied country. In this shameful process the court based itself on confessions that were extracted under torture. Though Morocco's penal code states that this is inadmissible, the court did not bother to verify this fact. “ added the German friendship committee in its statement

The said committee also went on saying that “Morocco also ignores that the UN Committee Against Torture condemned the country in November 2016 for plentiful violations of the Convention Against Torture in regard to activist Enaarna Asfari, who was among the Gdeim Izik detainees and who has been again in court now.”

It worth mentioning here that the Court of Appeal in Salé (Morocco) issued on 19 July 2017 a unfair sentence on after 31 hearings of the trial of the Saharawi political prisoners, known as Gdeim Izik group, similar to military sentence issued on 17 February 2013 by the Military Court of Rabat (Morocco) against 24 human rights defenders and Sahrawi political detainee. SPS