Swiss Committee for the Supporting Saharawi People condemns Gdeim Izik Group unfair trial

Geneva (Switzerland) July 25, 2017 (SPS) - The Swiss Committee for the Support of the Saharawi People expressed its condemnation after the a mock trial of the Sahrawi political prisoners, known as the Gdeim Izik Group by the Moroccan occupation court, describing the trial as unfair and lacking concrete evidence.

In a statement, the committee said it deplored the July 19 arbitrary verdicts against 23 Sahrawi activists were arrested in the aftermath of the violent dismantling of the peaceful protest camp.

The committee explained that "this trial came after another military for 2013 and the ruling of the Court of Cassation, which resulted in the existence of an empty file without any concrete evidence to prove their guilt and without any investigations or names of the 11 Moroccan police officers who were said to have been killed by the Sahrawis and based on statements obtained under torture. "

According to the Swiss committee, the Civil Court issued a judgment "similar to that of the military court in which it violated the basic rights of the detainees under a false justice in a country that by all means seeks to portray a democratic image abroad."

The Swiss Committee for the support of the Saharawi people condemned the unfair trial, requesting the competent international authorities to intervene with Morocco to remove these provisions and release the accused detainees without any evidence. "SPS