"Culture and Sahrawi identity" marked the third day of the Juan Carlos University summer course in Madrid on the Sahrawi issue

Madrid (Spain), June 29, 2017 (SPS) - The third day of the summer course of the Juan Carlos University in Madrid on Western Sahara cause was attended by several lecturers on Saharwi culture, given by specialists in Sahrawi culture and anthropologists.

The representative of the Frente POLISARIO in Spain, Jira Bulahi, expressed thanks to the specialists who attended this course, noting the importance of culture in the struggle for freedom.

 In this context, Sahara poet Zahra Hasnawi of the Friendship Generation group explained that her team works to spread and promote Sahrawi culture, adding that poetry is a means of preserving the Sahrawi identity and it is necessary to preserve the Sahrawi oral heritage.

The Sahrawi writer Bahia Mohammed of the Friendship Generation group stressed that the Moroccan occupier is trying to obliterate the Sahrawi heritage and acquire the Sahrawi identity and claim that the dialect and the Sahrawi heritage are part of his culture.

Spanish linguist Anna Cristina Ierros spoke of the importance of Sahrawi oral culture in the transmission of culture, as in the case of folk tales.

The third day of the summer course ended with documentary films about the Sahrawi cause and some cultural activities inside a traditional Sahrawi tent. SPS