President condemns terrorist attack in Nigeria

Bir Lehlu (Liberated Territories), June 21, 2017 (SPS) - The President of the Republic, Secretary-General of the Frente POLISARIO, Mr. Brahim Gali, condemned the terrorist attack that struck the Nigerian city of Borno, which killed 12 people and wounded more than a dozen people.

"On behalf of the people and Government of the Sahrawi Republic, I would like to express our heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathy and solidarity with your Excellency, the Nigerian people, the families of the victims and all those affected by this criminal act," the President said in a message of condolence to Nigerian President Mohamed Boukhari.

"The Saharawi government and people join other peace-loving countries in condemning this terrible terrorist act and all forms of indiscriminate terrorism and violence against innocents," President Brahim Gali said. SPS