UGTSARIO takes part at Galician Intersindical Confederation Congress

Santiago de Compostela , May 30, 2017, (SPS) - The General Union of Workers of Saguia el Hamra and Rio de Oro (UGTSARIO) participated  in the seventh Congress of the Galician Intersindical Confederation (CIG), with a delegation headed by the foreign affairs and cooperation officer of the organization, Mr Laabeda Kaziza.


The Saharawi delegation held several meetings with the delegations participating in the congress and has had the opportunity to address the latest developments in the national cause and the bilateral relations between UGTSARIO and the other trade union organizations.


The delegation of the UGTSARIO found several delegations, among them, the Workers' Union of Brazil, Fuerza Sindical Internaciónal, the Independent Confederation of Workers of Argentina and the Union of Workers of Mozambique.


It should be remembered that in the final communiqué of the congress, an appeal was made to the international community demanding the rights of the Saharawi people, especially the right to self-determination. SPS