AFAPREDESA ensures existence of mass graves in Occupied Territories of Western Sahara

Dajla (Saharawi Refugee Camps), April 13, 2017 (SPS)- the Association of Saharawi families of prisoners and disappeared AFAPREDESA) through its president Abdeslam Omar has assured the existence of mass graves in Western Sahara

The head of this human rights association in Western Sahara said Thursday in Dajla in the framework of the work of the International Youth and Students Conference in Solidarity with Sahrawi people that Morocco with its policy of blocking the territory in face of international human rights and observers to the occupied territories of Western Sahara obstacles the efforts to discover mass graves and the remains of the victims.

Abdeslam Omar said that there are more than 500 Saharawis missing in different areas of Western Sahara.

After condemning the serious violations of human rights, he demanded that the territory be open to international observers.

The head of AFAPREDESA stated that the repression and flagrant violations of human rights underline the need to enable MINURSO with powers to observe and control human rights in Western Sahara. SPS