Danish activists demonstrate against Siemens Denmark Wind Power illegal investments in occupied Western Sahara

Copenhagen, (Denmark) March 31st, 2017 – Danish activists from the Campaign for free Western Sahara (Frit Vestsahara) and International Forum have organized Thursday demonstrations in various cities in Denmark; Arhus, Alborg and Copenhagen against the illegal investments of Siemens Denmark Branch in the last colony in Africa, Western Sahara.

In front of the venue where the Danish Wind Industry trade Organisation, that also includes Siemens Denmark Branch held its General Annual meeting in the City of Aarhus the Danish Activists denounced through Banners and pamphlets the illegal investments of Siemens in occupied Western Sahara.

Siemens Denmark Wind Power has built wind mills in Morocco’s occupied Western Sahara in violation of Danish Parliament’s resolutions, UN conventions and the European Justice Court recent verdict that excluded Western Sahara from EU-Morocco trade agreements.

The Spokesperson for the Campaign of free Western Sahara, Esben Hansen Said:

“According to UN conventions Siemens Wind Power is doing illegal business in occupied Western Sahara and it is deeply reprehensible. Previously, the Danish Company “Vistas” was also invited to take orders for Africa's last colony, so the trade organization of Danish Wind Industry should in all ways come clean and denounce all cooperation with the Moroccan occupying power”

The Candidate to Parliament, Anne Hegelund was also among the activists who participated at Aarhus demonstration. Anne Said: “It’s scary and extremely distasteful that a Danish company like Siemens Wind Power can bring itself to make a profit in Africa's last colony. Morocco’s controlled Western Sahara is on Amnesty International's top five of the world's worst torture regimes, and the Danish Parliament advises Danish companies to not do business in and with the Morocco’s colony. It is absolutely incomprehensible how Siemens Wind Power still finds it practical to make money from cooperating with torture regime.” (SPS)