Polisario Front representative received by New UN Secretary General

Shaheed El-Hafed, 25 Feb 2017 (SPS) The new UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, received Friday at the UN headquarters in New York, the representative of the Polisario Front, Boukhari Ahmed, who handed him an "urgent" from the President of the Republic, Brahim Ghali, indicated a staement of the Ministry of Information.

The message of the President of the Republic related to "the real risk that may result from the persistence of the blockage of the peace process by Morocco and the tense situation on the ground following the Moroccan provocations in the zone of El Guergarat ", Southwestern Western Sahara, according to the statement.

Mr. Ghali said in his message to the UN chief that "the responsibility for any escalation of the crisis in El Guergarat is incumbent on Morocco" for its intransigence and its challenge to international legality. (SPS)