Western Sahara Intergroup must "stimulate" different initiatives of solidarity and be Saharawi people voice "(José Taboada)

Madrid, February 16, 2017 (SPS) - The president of CEAS-Sahara, Mr. José Taboada said Wednesday that the Intergroup on Western Sahara must "boost" the different solidarity initiatives and be "the voice" of the Saharawi people, "according to the newspaper Diario.es.

The Intergroup on Western Sahara has been constituted on Wednesday by the Congress of Deputies and will have among its first tasks to promote an institutional statement to express the resolve to solve the conflict in Western Sahara, according to the same source.

The event was attended by the president of CEAS-Sahara, José Taboada and the delegate of the Frente POLISARIO for Spain, Jira Boulahi Bad.

The coordinators of the Intergroup will be the representatives of the United Podemos , Miguel Bustamente and of Citizens Fernando Maura, who have advanced that they intend to travel together with a delegation of deputies to the Western Sahara to visit the Camps of Saharawi Refugees and the occupied Territories of the Western Sahara.

For his part, the deputy of Compromis, Enric Bataller, member of this working group for Western Sahara, has ensured that the new correlation of parliamentary forces opens an opportunity to agree on proposals for the Saharawi people, according to the same source. SPS