Spain: The Mayor of Albacete reiterates his support for the Saharawi cause

Madrid, February. 07, 2017 (SPS) - The Mayor of Albacete (Spain), Javier Cuenca reiterated his support for the cause of the Saharawi people at a conference organized by the local association friendly with occupied Western Sahara.


Javier Cuenca highlighted the close relationship that has existed since the 1990s between his city and the Saharawi people through the association of friends of the Saharawi people, recalling that his city is twinned with the Saharawi city of Bir Gandouz and  one of the most active in Spain in terms of support and solidarity with the cause and the Saharawi population.


In this context, he noted the active participation of his city in the vacation in peace program intended to welcome dozens of Saharawi children during the summer and the food caravans "through which we help to alleviate the population of refugees who live in difficult conditions and in emergencies, "he said.


The president of the Spanish association, who is a friend of the Saharawi people of the city of Getafe, recalled in an awareness-raising meeting on the cause and struggle of the Saharawi people "the historic responsibility of Spain in the Saharawi conflict".


Spain, he said, had "abandoned Western Sahara without completing its process of decolonization" and in order to re-establish the Saharawi people in their right "Spain must assume its responsibility and its status as administering power of this territory illegally occupied since then by Morocco ".


The violation of human rights in the occupied territories was also the subject of intervention by the Saharawi activist, Hacene Aalia, who recalled "the daily violations of the most fundamental rights of the Sahrawis by the occupying forces" . He also recalled the violent dismantling of the camp of Gdeim Izik by the Moroccan forces and all the atrocities and tortures that had to undergo the Sahrawis.


MEP Paloma Lopez, who also took part in the meeting, reminded the audience of the efforts made by the intergroup supporting Western Sahara in the European Parliament and its calls for respect for international legality on the Saharawi issue And the implementation of the various resolutions leading to the organization of a referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara. "


In Spain, the movement of solidarity with the Saharawi people (associations, elected institutions, trade unions "have recently reiterated their unwavering support for the Saharawi cause and to continue the political and humanitarian aid to the Saharawi refugees who live in difficult conditions in the camps for more than 40 years.


The Spanish solidarity movement is currently organizing various cultural, sports and charitable activities in order to raise the necessary funds to meet the urgent needs of the population with regard to food and medicines and to continue to raise awareness among Spanish and international opinion The correctness of the Saharawi cause and the necessary implementation of the international resolutions leading to a just and lasting solution to the Saharawi conflict.SPS