Bolivia, "voice of the peoples of the world", to the UN Security Council (Morales)

La Paz, January 03. 2017 (SPS) - Member since Sunday of the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member, Bolivia will be the voice of the peoples of the world and will struggle to build a world without occupation,  the Bolivian President Evo Morales tweeted.

The ambassador of Bolivia to the United Nations, Sacha Llorenti, assured on Twitter that his country intended to privilege regional issues such as peace in Colombia and development in Haiti, and international issues such as Western Sahara and Palestine.

This is the third time that Bolivia is a member of the Security Council after it was in 1964-1965 and 1978-1979. This year, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Italy, Kazakhstan and Sweden became non-permanent members for two years.

Bolivia succeeds Venezuela as one of the two representatives of Latin America and the Caribbean, while Uruguay has one more year in office. SPS