41st EUCOCO: Opportunity to seek lasting, democratic solution to Western Sahara conflict

Algiers,  November 17, 2016 (SPS) -The 41st European conference for support and solidarity with Saharawi people (EUCOCO), which will be held on Friday and Saturday in Vilanova (Spain), will be an opportunity for participants to reaffirm their solidarity and commitment to the Sahrawi cause, and seek a lasting and democratic solution to the Western Sahara conflict.

This annual event held every year, since 1975, in different European cities (like Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Brussels, Valence and Madrid) is undoubtedly the most important international movement for solidarity with the Saharawi people, as it brings together participants from every parts of the world, organizers stressed.

EUCOCO meeting will be attended by "representatives of the governments that recognize the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) as well as national and international representatives of Spanish regional, provincial and municipal governments.

Besides, the 41st EUCOCO meeting will be attended by political figures, unionists, men of culture, NGOs and associations of the friends of Saharawi people, who come every year to show their solidarity and commitment to the Saharawi cause and try to find the maximum of political support to reach a political solution to Western Sahara issue.

Organizers of the 41st EUCOCO, which coincides with the celebration of the 41st agreements of Madrid on 14 November 1975 that allowed Morocco illegally occupy the Sahrawi territory, is "an opportunity to seek a lasting and democratic solution to this conflict and remedy an injustice towards the Sahrawi people that goes back to more than 40 years."  

The Conference will also be an opportunity to make a strong appeal to Spanish officials to assume their historical responsibility towards the Sahrawi people under respect for international law.  

    Conferences, meetings on agenda

The agenda of this two-day conference includes the organization on Friday of a political meeting at the Catalan Parliament, in addition to meetings of working groups.

The 2nd day will be devoted to reading the conclusions made by the participating working groups in order to present the final statement of the EUCOCO 2016 on Saturday. SPS