Cantabria Government reiterates its support to Saharawi people

Santander (Spain), November 11, 2016 (SPS) - The deputy president and the Minister of Education in the Spanish region of Cantabria affirmed, on Thursday, to the Sahrawi Minister of Cooperation, Bulahi Sid, the maintenance of cooperation with refugee camps and support for a peaceful solution to the Western Sahara conflict, according to a press release from the Saharawi delegation in Cantabria.


During her reception to a Saharawi delegation, led by the Saharawi Minister of Cooperation, Bulahi Sid, the vice president of the Government of Cantabria, Eva Diaz Tezanos, has confirmed for 2017 the economic support to the Saharawi people and the support to a peaceful and diplomatic solution to Western Sahara conflict.


Bulahi Sid informed the regional government of Cantabria about the situation in Western Sahara marked by the continuity of the conflict and "the unwillingness of the Moroccan government to seek a peaceful, political and lasting solution according to different international resolutions."


The minister has detailed the harsh living conditions of the Sahrawi refugee camps, where the majority of the population live in tents without running water and depending almost exclusively on foreign humanitarian aid.


Bulahi Sid said that the situation in the camps has been affected by last year's floods which also have occurred this year 2016.


The minister thanked the people and government of Cantabria for their solidarity with the Saharawi people, saying that the Saharawi cause "is well known both by the Government of Cantabria and other institutions and by civil society."


It worth mentioning here that the Government of Cantabria maintains several lines of cooperation with the Saharawi people, among which it highlights "Vacations in Peace" and the support to the Sanitary Commission of Cantabria that carries out consultations, surgical interventions and trains local sanitary personnel in the camps. SPS