Participants in FiSahara call for expansion of international network of solidarity with Saharawi people

Dakhla, October 15, 2016 (SPS) – the Participants in the International Film Festival in Western Sahara Dakhla called for the need to expand the international network of solidarity with the Saharawi people and their just cause, in order to enable them of their legitimate right to self-determination and independence.


In this regard, festival director Maria Carrion said that 28 films will be screened on Sahrawi issue in order to gather the largest possible number of supporters through the cinema in this edition which bears the slogan people under occupation.

For her part, Spanish movie star Clara Lago, who attend the event for the first time, underlined that “Saharawi people´s reality expressed silently their just cause", noting that she become "convinced of the importance of expanding the network of solidarity with the Saharawi people after I view closely the situation this people."

"I came to reveal the reality of the Saharawi people and convey it to the world first, and to the Spaniards who do not know a lot about this difficult reality." Clara added


the head of Spanish coordinating associations of solidarity with the Saharawi people Pepe Taboada said that the Saharwi issue is just and fair cause, and remains a symbol of admiration and a model in the struggle and steadfastness of occupied people, expressing his admiration of Sahrawi women who represent the backbone of the struggle of the Saharawi people against the occupation and the keepers also of the culture and identity of the Sahrawi people."



He stressed that the SADR has become recognized by more than 80 countries thanks to the struggles of the Saharawi people through various fronts including international cultural events hosted by the camps and also through the spread of the Frente Polisario in various countries around the world at the time that no country in the world recognize Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahrawi territory. SPS