CONASADH expresses concern about situation of Gdeim Izik prisoners

Shaheed El Hafed, September 4, 2016 (SPS) Saharawi National Committee of Human Rights (CONASADH) on Saturday expressed deep concern about the current situation of political prisoners of Gdeim Izik group in the Moroccan prison of El Arjet, in a statement.

CONASADH appealed to all international organizations of human rights to exert pressure on the Moroccan occupier to immediately release all political prisoners and Saharawi activists wholanguish in Moroccan prisons.

"On August 31, the Saharawi prisoners of Gdeim Izik group were improperly transferred by the Moroccan authorities of the  Salé 1 prison to the local prison of El Arjet," the statement said.

The Sahrawi organization added that the Sahrawi group of Gdeim Izik prisoners began on Friday a 48-hour hunger strike to protest against the deterioration of their conditions and require the resolution of their situation. (SPS)