CEAS urges release of Sahrawi political prisoners

Madrid, August 1, 2016 (SPS) - The Spanish Coordination of Associations Supporting Western Sahara (CEAS) urged the "release of all Sahrawi political prisoners held in Moroccan prisons," and reiterated its call for a self-determination referendum to allow Sahrawi people to decide their future freely.

In a communiqué issued Sunday on its website, the CEAS called for the release of all Sahrawi political prisoners, held illegally in Moroccan prisons, following the recent decision of the Court of Appeal in Rabat to accept a new trial for the Sahrawi human rights activists, who spent six years in arbitrary detention in the Moroccan occupier's prisons, said the source.

The new situation is the fruit of "many years of struggle of Sahrawi activists living under occupation, the efforts of the international associations of lawyers for the defence of Western Sahara's rights, and the international campaign for the release of the Sahrawi political prisoners," added the CEAS.

The movement of solidarity with Sahrawi people also called, through the CEAS "for the intervention of the United Nations special rapporteurs." (SPS)