Conference on Western Sahara at UN headquarters

Nueva York, June 24, 2016 (SPS) - As part of the week of solidarity with the peoples of colonized territories decreed by the Special Committee of 24, took place Wednesday at the UN headquarters, a conference on Western Sahara, by the American Professor Stephen Zunes, the latter made a brilliant exposition on the conflict in Western Sahara, its origins, development and current situation, stressing that the only solution is to apply international law and allow the Saharawi people to freely decide their future. 


During the conference, chaired by the Ambassador of Venezuela and Chairman of the Special Committee of 24, Mr. Rafael Ramirez attended by the representative of the Frente POLISARIO to UN, ambassadors and delegates from different countries, as well as NGOs and members of international civil society, attendees showed their interest by the lecturer questions.

Delegates representatives of South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, also made interventions to express their firm support for the just Saharawi cause, which represents for them, the last colonial case in Africa on the agenda of the UN. 

This week decreed by the Special Committee included workshops where information is reflected on the 17 Territories included in the Committee's agenda, such as  Western Sahara territory . SPS