MEP Paloma Lopez denounces “systematic violations” of Sahrawi people’s rights by Morocco

Brussels June 09 2016 (SPS) - Spanish member of the European Parliament Paloma Lopez denounced Thursday the “systematic violations” of human rights that the Moroccan occupying forces are committing in the occupied territories of Western Sahara to repress the Sahrawi citizens claiming their social, economic and political rights.

This member of Parliament expressed her indignation at the “the violent suppression” against Sahrawi demonstrators in search of social justice and condemning the assassination of Sahrawi trade unionist Brahim Saika.

“The Moroccan authorities had violently dispersed a peaceful demonstration organized by Sahrawi jobless people to condemn the assassination of Brahim Saika and to mark the World Day of Social Justice, a United Nations’ initiative to fight against unemployment and social exclusion from which the Sahrawi people are suffering,” she lamented in a question to the head of the European diplomacy Federica Mogherini.

The “violent” intervention of the Moroccan police in this demonstration injured many, according to Paloma Lopez who cited, among others, the activists Mohamed Salem Aluat and Mohamed Molud Mansur.

This Spanish MEP expressed also her concern about the continuing human rights violations in occupied Western Sahara, notably the political prisoners’ fundamental rights, citing a new case, that of Abdelkhalek Merkhi, who was added to the long list of the Sahrawi political prisoners whose rights have been scorned.SPS