Sahrawi people pay last homage to late leader

Shahid El Hafid (Refugee Camps), June 4, 2016 (SPS) – The Sahrawi people paid, on Friday in Shahid El Hafid a last homage to their late president Mohamed Abdelaziz, died last Tuesday following a long illness.

The body of the deceased was welcomed by thousands of Sahrawi refugees expressing rejecting to "all alternatives but self-determination to the Sahrawi people."

The body was presented at the headquarters of the Sahrawi Presidency to allow the local population and the foreign personalities to pay final tribute to the late Front Polisario leader.

The Saharawi President and Secretary General of Polisario Front had left for his people , the will for continuing the struggle for the independence, said Saharawi officials.

"While we say goodbye to our leader, late President Mohamed Abdelaziz, his spirit will always be with us through his commitment for his people and his country," Khatri Addouh, Chairman of Sahrawi National Council and Interim President told APS.

As for him, Sahrawi Foreign Minister Mohamed Salem Ould Salek said that the deceased was a "great man who fought for a just cause, that of his country's independence."

"He was a very committed activist and has made great progress for freedom of his country," he added. (SPS)