NS holds second session after 14th Congress

Shaheed El Hafed, May 16, 2016 (SPS) – The National Secretariat (SN) of the Polisario Front held, Sunday in Shaheed El-Hafed, its second ordinary session after the 14th Congress, Martyr Khalil Sidi Mohamed.

The session is chaired by Prime Minister Abdelkader Taleb Omar and discussed the report prepared by the SN permanent bureau on the situation at the national level and the latest developments related to the issue of Western Sahara on the international scene.

During the meeting, the Secretariat of the Political Organisation of the Polisario Front made a presentation on celebrating the major phases of the struggle of the Sahrawi people, the foundation of the Polisario Front, and outbreak of the armed struggle, Intifada of Independence, Martyrs’ Day, and Zemla uprising.  (SPS)