Situation in Western Sahara: EP Intergroup expresses "concern"

Brussels, April 06, 2016 (SPS) - The European Parliament Intergroup "peace for the Sahrawi people" on Tuesday in Brussels expressed its “deep concerns” regarding the application of the peace plan for the self-determination of Sahrawi people in the light of last developments in the region.

"The Intergroup met to express its sympathy and solidarity with the Saharawi people, but especially to mark its deep concern over this dangerous policy that pursues Morocco in Western Sahara," Minister Saharawi delegate for Europe, Mohamed Sidati told APS.

The Intergroup meeting, which was chaired by German MEP Norbert Neuser, decided to seize "urgently" the European institutions, notably its Council and Commission about the situation in Western Sahara.

The Slovenian MEP Ivo Vajgl, Spanish and Swedish Bodil Paloma Lopez Valero were unanimous on the need to urge the EU to "play a more positive role in this conflict" through a procedure that should "bring Morocco back to law" and show "a clear and unambiguous support to UN efforts. "

About the UN Chief visit to the region, conducted in early March, the members of the intergroup believe that it will promote the UN process for resolving the conflict Western Sahara.

Very concerned about the situation in Western Sahara, the Intergroup members have examined some topics, in a context marked by the escalation caused by Morocco following the expulsion of MINURSO staff and the questioning of the UN peace process.SPS