More than 20 injured in demonstration of solidarity with Saharawi political prisoners

El Aaiun (Occupied Territories), March 20, 2016 (SPS) More than 20 people were seriously injured by Moroccan forces brutally dispersed a peaceful demonstration organised by dozens Sahrawis in the occupied city of El Aaiun to express their solidarity with the Saharawi political prisoners on hunger strike for three weeks.

During this event, the demonstrators expressed loudly their support and solidarity with all the Saharawi political prisoners in Moroccan prisons, including prisoners of Gdeim Izik on hunger strike for 20 days to demand their immediate release.

The elements of the Moroccan police used force to disperse peaceful protesters, causing several injuries. This is a non exhaustive list made public by a Sahrawi judicial sources on the scene: Salha Boutanguiza, Aziza Biza, Sidi Mohamed Alouat, Ali Saadouni, Salima Limam, Sidi Mohamed Daddach,  Ibrahim Assin , Mariam Bourhimi, , Sidati Ould Mamun, Omm Lajut Hassni, Ibrahim Ali Chain, Lekhlifa Dahmani, Akyarhum Aleyen , Haddi Baiha, Barbuchi mohamed, Yahdih Sabi, Lehbib Alkhalidi, Lamat Zegman, Soukaina Saadi, Hmaida Saidi, Karkub Ragiya,  Algoutb Aniha, Saïd Haddad, Alargubi Nourdine, Fatimatou Dahwar, Hadhum Lmjaiyed, Mbarka Lemjiyed, Ali Saadouni,  Hadi Amina and Tabel Sadati.

"The Moroccan occupying authorities exercise military and media siege on the occupied Saharawi cities, which was reinforced following the visit of the UN Secretary General to the Saharawi refugee camps and liberated territories of SADR," indicated the source .

"Thousands of police officers and auxiliary forces were deployed in all districts of the Western Sahara occupied cities, in order to intimidate and  terrorize the Sahrawi population", it added. (SPS)