Rally in Madrid in support of Sahrawi prisoners of Gdeim Izik

MADRID- A rally in support of Sahrawi political prisoners of Gdeim Izik camp, "unfairly and illegally imprisoned" by Morocco, has been staged in Madrid on Saturday by associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) supporting the Sahrawi cause.

The participants, most of them members of associations and NGOs supporting Sahrawi people in addition to Sahrawi citizens settled in Spain, gathered in front of Spain's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, chanting slogans like "Release prisoners !" "Morocco guilty, Spain responsible."

The representatives of civil society said that the Sahrawi prisoners, who have been on hunger strike since 12 days, "have been arbitrarily held in prison since five years and sentenced y a Moroccan military court to prison terms ranging from 20 years to life imprisonment."

The participants in Madrid's rally as well as in other Spanish towns aim at "supporting the claims of the Sahrawi political prisoners, calling for their immediate release and condemning all Moroccan political trials held against Sahrawi people."

They also denounced "the continuous human right violation in the occupied Sahrawi territories and the situation of Sahrawi political prisoners in all Moroccan prisons and in the occupied Western Sahara, as well as Morocco's manoeuvres and obstacles to undermine the United Nations' efforts for a solution to the conflict, through a referendum on self-determination that will allow Sahrawi people to freely decide their future."