Western Sahara: Eucoco urges international community to show further "coherence"

Brussels, March 15, 2016 (SPS) - President of the Conference for Support and Solidarity with Sahrawi People (EUCOCO) Pierre Galand urged Tuesday in Brussels the international community to show further "coherence" regarding the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination.

"Europe must stop being party, the UN must fulfill their duties and the international community must be coherent as the way to end conflict and meet the Sahrawi people's requests, will depend on rehabilitation of the United Nations and the process of coexistence between peoples," Galan told APS.   

According to Pierre Galand, the occupied Western Sahara presented and defended by Morocco "as a territorial integrity and the self-determination referendum as a confirmative procedure of Moroccan Western Sahara, are artifices to delay the establishment of a Sahrawi State that is already member of African States."

Galand, who denounced manoeuvres that last Sahrawi people's sufferings and exile, stated that "Morocco should stop being an obstacle to reconstruction of a society in which security, coexistence and respect for people's rights are fundamental."

He pleaded for a common action of the international community to push Morocco to respect the Sahrawi people's rights, an old Spanish colony, to an independent State.  

"If Morocco does not understand this, pressure must be exerted on this country at the United Nations Security Council, the European Union and the African Union that can work together to force the Moroccan authorities to consider people's rights," he added.  

Besides, Galand called on all committees for support to Western Sahara issue to jointly work with Polisario Front representations in Europe to alter political leaders and push them to take initiatives in accordance with the Sahrawi people's right to independence", in accordance with UN and international norms."

The visit of Secretary General of the United Nations (ONU) Ban ki-moon to the region, he added, shows determination to boost implementation of the right to self-determination and reaffirms that Western Sahara is an occupied territory. SPS