December 2018

Messahel meets in Geneva with UN envoy for Western Sahara Horst Kohler

Geneva Dec 6, 2018 (SPS) -   Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel on Wednesday in Geneva met with UN Special Envoy for Western Sahara Horst Kohler.

The meeting took place just before the start of the round table on Western Sahara, to which Algeria participates as neighboring country.

The round table is part of the Resolution 2440 of the UN Security Council.

Western Sahara: Guterres calls for negotiations without pre-conditions

New York, Dec 6, 2018 (SPS) -  United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged the Frente POLISARIO and Morocco to engage in Geneva’s discussions “in good faith, without pre-conditions and in a constructive spirit,” reaffirming his unfailing support to the efforts of the UN envoy Horst Kohler to revive the UN process in Western Sahara.

President of Republic concludes his official visit to Cuba

Havana (Cuba), Dec 6, 2018 (SPS) - The President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Frente POLISARIO, Mr. Brahim Ghali, concluded his official three-day visit to Cuba on Wednesday.

Second day of negotiations between Frente POLISARIO and Morocco in Switzerland

Geneva (Switzerland), Dec 6, 2018 (SPS) - The negotiations sponsored by the UN between the Frente POLISARIO and Morocco continue in Geneva, Switzerland to comply with the demands of the Security Council and resume the peace plan to search for a solution based on the self-determination of the Saharawi people.

Start of negotiation between Frente POLISARIO and Morocco

Geneva, Switzerland, Dec 05 2018 (SPS) - The first round of negotiation between the parties to the conflict in Western Sahara, the Frente POLISARIO and Morocco starts at the UN Palace in Geneva, Switzerland, in the presence of neighboring countries Algeria and Mauritania.

Saharawi President received by his Cuban counterpart, Díaz-Canel (Photos PL)

Havana (Cuba), December 5, 2018 (SPS) - The President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Secretary General of the Frente POLISARIO, Brahim Gali was received on Tuesday afternoon (local time in Cuba) by the President of the Councils of States and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez

Saharawi delegation arrives to Geneva for the negotiations called by the UN

Geneva (Switzerland), December 5, 2018 (SPS) - The delegation of the Frente POLISARIO arrived to Geneva, Switzerland, to begin preliminary negotiations with the Kingdom of Morocco to reach a definitive solution to the process of decolonization of Western Sahara.

President of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic expresses thanks for Cuba's solidarity (RHC)

Havana, Dec 4, 2018 (SPS) - the President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, SG of Frente POLISARIO, Brahim Gali, arrived in Cuba on Sunday for an official visit to the island.  Upon his arrival in Havana, he thanked the Cuban people for their solidarity, expressing his pleasure to be visiting the island again and praised the example, resilience and accomplishments of the Cuban people. 

President Brahim Gali meets today with Cuban President, Díaz-Canel

Havana, Dec 4, 2018 (SPS) - The president of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Brahim Gali, who is on an official visit to Cuba, will hold a dialogue today with the head of state of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel.

On the agenda of the visit is also planned a tribute to the National Hero of Cuba, José Martí, in the memorial that bears the name of the Cuban independence hero.

Settlement of Western Sahara conflict: Two conflicting parties resume talks Wednesday in Geneva

Algiers, December 3, 2018 (SPS) – The two parties to Western Sahara conflict, Morocco and the Polisario Front will resume talks on Wednesday in Geneva (Switzerland), under the auspices of the UN Special Envoy to Western Sahara Horst Koehler. The two parties will meet to discuss the UN settlement process and make the assessment of the situation since the negotiations interrupted in 2012.

Trump urged to pressure Morocco to end occupation or held referendum in 2018

Washington, December 3, 2018 (SPS) - US voters and international human rights advocates called on US President Donald Trump to pressure Morocco to put an end to its illegal occupation of Western Sahara or hold the referendum on the territory's self-determination before the end of the year.

President of Republic begins official visit to Cuba

Havana, December 3, 2018 (SPS) - President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, arrived Sunday evening in the Republic of Cuba for a three-day official visit, during which he will meet his Cuban counterpart and the highest authorities of this country.

14th edition of FISAHARA kicks off in wilaya of Dakhla

Wilaya of Dakhla, December 3, 2018 (SPS) - The 14th edition of the International Film Festival in Western Sahara (FISAHARA) under the theme: “Enhancing cultural front for protection of national identity” was launched Sunday evening in the wilayaof  Dakhla.

Bensalah reiterates Algeria’s ongoing support to Sahrawi people

Algiers, December 2, 2018 (SPS) - Speaker of the Council of the Nation Abdelkader Bensalah reiterated Friday, in Mexico, Algeria’s “ongoing” support to the Sahrawi people for the recovery of their legitimate rights, said Sunday the Parliament’s Upper Chamber in a communiqué.

Ministry of Public Health organizes table for coordination and consultation in health field

Shaheed Alhafeed, December 2, 2018 (SPS) - The Ministry of Public Health on Saturday organized a table for coordination and consultation in the field of health chaired by Minister of Health Mohammed Lamine Daddi.

It was attended by Minister of Water and Environment Brahim Mokhtar, Minister of Education Bashraya Hamoudi, representatives of supporting organizations in the field of health, and representatives of various national institutions.

President of Republic receives reply message from his Tanzanian counterpart

Bir-Lehlou (Liberated Territories), December 2, 2018 (SPS) - President of the Republic, Secretary-General of the Polisario Front, Bahim Ghali, has received a reply message from Tanzanian President John Magufuli.

The message came in response to the message of condolence sent by President Brahim Ghali to his Tanzanian counterpart, following the tragic incident in September, in which a ferry carrying more than 200 people sank on the lake off Tanzania.

Trump urged to call for Morocco to end illegal occupation of Western Sahara or hold referendum before end of year

Washington, D.C., November 30, 2018 (SPS) - A letter signed by American Voters and international human rights advocates, was delivered to the White House today calling for U.S. President Donald J. Trump to pressure Morocco to end its illegal occupation of Western Sahara or hold the long promised referendum before the end of the year.  The letter circulated by the U.S.