Sahrawi ambassador to Algeria: Morocco mobilizes demonstrators to back its colonial schemes

Algiers, 29 November 2020 (SPS) - Sahrawi ambassador to Algeria Abdelkader Taleb Omar said Saturday that Morocco has been mobilizing demonstrators to back its colonial schemes, using "threat, intimidation or Conscience purchases."

"Every day, press reports and social media shed lights on the Moroccan occupying forces’ mobilization of demonstrators to hold sit-ins in European countries so to consolidate its colonial schemes, using threat and harassment," Taleb Omar told APS on the sidelines of a demonstration organized by the National Federation of Civil Society.

Morocco appeals on foreigners to support its occupation of Western Sahara and silence its abuse to international laws, he added.

"Those who are influenced and those who support the Sahrawi cause, driven by loyalty to international commitments and UN charters have nothing in common," said the Sahrawi ambassador who reaffirms that “the support to just causes emanates from the principles of bravery, militancy, human qualities but also from the precepts of Islam which advocate the support of the Muslim to his brother whatever the circumstances."

Referring to the resumption of the Sahrawi people to the armed struggle against Morocco, the Sahrawi diplomat said that for years Western Sahara people have waited peacefully and patiently for independence.

"The Moroccan regime and its allies tried to transform the peace plan into a plan of submission, and closed all the doors in front of us," he deplored, adding "we only have the option of resuming armed struggle". (SPS)