Wednesday, 18/09/2019
Tifariti (Liberated Sahrawi Territories); Sept 18; 2019 (SPS) - A Mauritanian citizen was injured Monday following the explosion of a Moroccan fragmentation bomb in an area close to the Moroccan wall, at about 90km from the Sahrawi region of Tifariti. According to the Sahrawi Office of Mine Action Coordination SMACO, it is a Mauritanian citizen... + continue reading

Occupied zones

Monday, 22/07/19
New York (UN), 22 July 2019 (SPS)- Representative of the Polisario Front at the United Nations (UN) Mohamed Sidi Omar called on UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities in protecting the... + continue reading


Monday, 16/09/19
By: Malainin Lakhal The Moroccan para-military and security forces are involved since last Friday evening in a massive, violent and deadly repression against Saharawi civilians in the occupied city... + continue reading