War in Western Sahara: Moroccan army in face of logistical difficulties

Rabat, 4 January 2021 (SPS) - Researcher, journalist and former agent of the Moroccan intelligence services Farid Boukas spoke on his Facebook page of a lack of confidence and serenity within the command of the Moroccan army after the outbreak of the 2nd war in Western Sahara.

Boukas used the “N24” web channel to report the recruitment of 600 agents in charge of conducting campaigns on social networks vis-à-vis the Sahrawi cause inside and outside Morocco. 

Sahrawi people "frustrated" by UN inaction in face of Moroccan violations

Sydney, 3January 2021 (SPS) - The Sahrawi people are frustrated by the UN's inaction in the face of Morocco's recurring violations of the ceasefire agreement, said the Polisario Front representative in Australia, Kamal Fadel, deploring the obstruction of the process of resolving the conflict in Western Sahara.

HRW: Morocco implements same methods as Israel in attempt to strengthen Western Sahara’s occupation

Washington, 2 January 2021 (SPS) - Executive Director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) Kenneth Roth underlined that Morocco implements the same methods used by the Israeli occupier against the Palestinians to attempt to strengthen its occupation of Western Sahara. 

Sahrawi army continues attacks on Morocco's occupation forces

Bir Lahlou (Liberated Territories), 2 January 2021 (SPS) - The units of the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) "carried out Wednesday and Thursday new attacks against positions of Morocco's occupation army along the wall of shame," the ministry of National Defense said in a statement.

UN adopts recent AU decision on Western Sahara as official document

New York (United Nations), 2 January 2021 (SPS) - The chairman of the UN Security Council, South Africa's representative to the United Nations, has made public an official letter from his country, which holds the current presidency of the African Union, including the list of the resolutions adopted by the 14th AU extraordinary summit, and the new decision on Western Sahara conflict.

Lakhdar Brahimi highlights need for UN envoys to Western Sahara

Moscow (Algeria), 20 December 2020 (SPS) - Former Algerian diplomat and UN envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi,  put forward the key role of the United Nations in the settlement of conflicts in the world, stressing the need for the appointment of UN envoys to Western Sahara.

Military Communiqué No. 49: SPLA fighters continue to shell on Moroccan enemy hiding places

Bir Lahlou (SADR Liberated Territories), Dec 31, 2020 (SPS) - The Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) fighters continued intense strikes on the enemy entrenchments along its wall of humiliation and shame, causing significant damages, according to military communiqué No. 49 of the National Ministry of Defense. 

US administration reviews its position following international mobilization

Algiers, 31 December 2020 (SPS) –  Minister, advisor to the Sahrawi Presidency in charge of political affairs Bachir Mustapha reported on Wednesday that the US administration is “retracting” in its position vis-à-vis Western Sahara question, after the worldwide support to the legitimate Sahrawi question, adding that the Sahrawi people hoped that the new administration will correct the blunders of outgoing President Donald Trump.

Western Sahara: Security Council sends strong message to US, Morocco on decolonization

Algiers,  Dec 28,  2020 (SPS) – Frente POLISARIO's representative to France, Mohamed Sidati, said the Saharwi people embarked, since November 13, in a second war of liberation, following Morocco's aggression against Saharawi civilians, stressing UN Security Council's recent strong message to the United States and the Moroccan occupier which attempt to derail the decolonization process.

France, Spain are complacent with Moroccan occupier

Algiers, 28 December 2020 (SPS) - France and Spain, two member states of the European Union (EU), are complacent with the Moroccan occupier with regard to Western Sahara conflict, said the Polisario Front representative in Europe and the EU, Oubi Bouchraya, regretting the attitude of these two countries which have shown their willingness to trample on their own rights to please the Moroccan occupation regime.


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