Western Sahara conflict: Security Council, France blamed for stalemate

Algiers, October 15, 2020 (SPS) –-  Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic's Foreign Minister Mohamed Salem Ould Salek said the UN Security Council and France bear the full responsibility for the stalemate in the settlement process of the Saharawi cause and decolonization of the last colony in Africa.

Khatri Adduh : Mandating Minurso to monitor human rights in Western Sahara

Algiers, October 15, 2020 (SPS) –- Khatri Adduh, member of the National Secretariat, in charge of the political organization of the Frente POLISARIO, called on Tuesday for mandating the UN Mission for the referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) to monitor human rights in Western Sahara, subject to increasing Moroccan abuse.

Brazilian Center for Solidarity with Peoples celebrates with the Saharawi people the 45th anniversary of the consolidation of national unity

Brazil, October 13, 2020 (SPS) - the Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples and Struggle for Peace (Cebrapaz) celebrated with the Sahrawi people, led by the brave Frente POLISARIO, the 45th anniversary of the consolidation of national unity in its strategy of liberation from colonialism.

UN, Security Council must guarantee security of Sahrawis in occupied territories

Bir Lahlu,13 October 2020 (SPS) – (Sahrawi Liberated Territories )- President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and Secretary General of the Frente POLISARIO, Brahim Gali on Monday called upon the United Nations and the Security Council to guarantee the security of the Sahrawi citizens in the occupied territories.

45th anniversary of proclamation of national unity: The Sahrawis keep faith

Algiers, 12 October 2020 (SPS) – Forty-five years after the proclamation of national unity, the Saharawis remain committed to their right to self-determination while this process remains deadlocked due to Moroccan obstacles.

Representative of the Frente POLISARIO at the UN Refutes the Allegations of the Representative of the occupying state regarding the Legal Status of the Question of Western Sahara

New York (United Nations) 12 October 2020 (SPS)- The Representative of Frente Polisario, Dr. Sidi Mohamed Omar, refuted allegations of the Representative of the Kingdom of Morocco to the UN, before the recent online meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement, regarding the legal status of the question of Western Sahara.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Morocco's irresponsible rhetoric may bring region back to square one

Algiers, 12 October 2020 (SPS) - The foreign minister of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, warned that Morocco's irresponsible rhetoric on the situation in Western Sahara "would bring the region back to square one," stressing the determination of Western Sahara people to continue its legitimate struggle for independence "by any means, including the military way."

President Tebboune reaffirms Algeria's position vis-à-vis just causes

Algiers, 11 October  2020 (SPS) -  Algerian President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, reaffirmed Saturday in Algiers, Algeria's position vis-à-vis just causes and its defense of the principle of popular legitimacy and the right of peoples to self-determination.

UN addresses Western Sahara conflict as decolonization issue

New York (United Nations), 11 October 2020 (SPS) - UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Western Sahara issue is still on the table of the General Assembly as a decolonization issue.

President of Republic supervises inauguration of Criminal and Appeal Courts

Boujdour (Refugee Camps), 10 October 2020 (SPS) - President of the Republic, Secretary-General of the Polisario Front, President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Mr. Brahim Ghali, oversaw Saturday morning the inauguration of the criminal and appeal courts in the wilaya of Boujdour, Sahrawi refugee camps.


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