Saharawi prisoner Abdallah Abbahah deprived of medical care by the Moroccan prison administration

Occupied Aaiun , Jan 4, 2022 (SPS) -  The Saharawi prisoner, Sidi Abdallah Ahmed Sidi Abbahah, suffers from several health problems while the administration of the Moroccan prison of Tifelt 2, east of Rabat, where he is detained, continues to deprive him of his right to medical care and treatment.

In a statement to the APS, Souad Abbahah, sister of the detainee, said that "his brother is suffering martyrdom behind bars in Tifelt 2 prison where he is deprived of his most basic rights such as medical care".

"My brother suffers from excruciating pain in his stomach and continues to be deprived of medical care and transfer to hospital," Souad Abbahah added.SPS