SPLA carries out new attacks against Moroccan forces' entrenchment in Awsard sector

Bir Lahlou, 26 September 2021 (SPS) - Units of the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army (SPLA) carried out Sunday new attacks against the entrenchments of the Moroccan occupation forces in the Awsard sector, according to the military communiqué No. 319 of the Ministry of Defense.

The military communiqué stated that "the units of the Sahrawi People's Army carried out attentive attacks targeting the entrenchments of the Moroccan occupation soldiers in the areas of Kalb Al-Nass, Astila Ould Boukerin, and Adim Oum Ajloud in the Awsard sector.

SPLA detachments had targeted on Saturday Moroccan forces’ positions in the regions of Ross Udiat al-Shadeda, Akrara Alhadid, Oudi Zayat and Aslukia Benaamira in the Farsiya sector, the military communiqué added.