Frente POLISARIO warns against danger of blockage to UN-AU settlement process, lack of interest of Security Council

Shaheed al-Hafeed, August 24, 2019 (SPS) - The Frente POLISARIO's National Secretariat drew attention to the danger of a return of blockage to the United Nations African settlement process, or the lack of interest on the part of the Security Council and the international community at large, especially after the resignation of Mr. Horst Koehler, the UN Secretary General's Personal Envoy for Western Sahara, during the special session held on 21, 22 and 23 of August, chaired by President of the Republic, Seretary General of the Frente POLISARIO, Brahim Ghali. 

In this context, the National Secretariat warned that the continued well-known international parties, such as France, in protecting the aggressive and expansionist thesis of the Kingdom of Morocco, and its illegal occupation of parts of the territory of the Sahrawi Republic, will only create more causes of tension and obstruction and threaten peace and stability in the region.

The National Secretariat also warned against suspicious moves and repeated violations by the Moroccan occupation state at Guerguerat, which violate the ceasefire agreement and military agreement No. 1, calling on the UN Security Council to take strict and urgent steps to avoid serious breaches and consequences.

It warned against the systematic influx of drugs from the Kingdom of Morocco, the support and encouragement it poses to organized crime and terrorist groups, and the threat to the peoples and countries of the region. (SPS)