Irish parliament approves bill to ban import of products originating in occupied Western Sahara

Dublin (Ireland), July 14, 2018 (SPS) - The Irish Senate on Wednesday approved a bill known as Occupied Territories Bill 2018, which classifies any import or export of goods from and to the occupied territories as a crime punishable by five years imprisonment or a fine of 250,000 euros, indicated a statement of the Polisario Front in the UK.

The bill, proposed by independent MP Frances Black, includes among others the occupied territories of Western Sahara, and will be soon presented to the Chamber of Deputies or Lower Chamber, the source added. 

The Irish Parliament initiative coincides with the negotiations between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco amid a strong protest by the Polisario Front, which denounces attempts to ignore international law and European law, in particular the ruling of the European Court of Justice, which exclude Western Sahara territory from the EU-Morocco trade agreements, and calls for absolute respect of the will of the Sahrawi people and their legitimate right to enjoy their natural resources and to be consulted through their legitimate and sole representative, Polisario Front, the source concluded. (SPS)