Danish activists Demonstrate against Danish Companies transporting illegal Phosphate from occupied Western Sahara

Copenhagen (Denmark) Sept  28, 2016 (SPS) - A demonstration was organized Tuesday by group of activists from Afrika Kontakt Organisation in front of the headquarters of the Danish Ship-owners’ Association in Copenhagen.

During the sit-in, the activists raised banners and distributed pamphlets written in them “Stop plundering Western Sahara through Danish Shipping Companies.

Danish Ships thereby co-finance Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara; particularly the Danish shipping companies like UltaBulk and Clipper Group that are large actors in the illegal plundering of resources, which violate UN conventions and International Law. This prolongs the conflict and continues the denial of the Saharawis access to their own resources, the demonstrators said

Danish Ship-owners’ Association has to make sure that its members do not act against international law. Danish Ships should not turn Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara into profitable business.”   The demonstrators added

Sit-in was attended by representative of the Polisario Front in Denmark along with a delegation representing the Sahrawi student Union. SPS