Galicia Parliament Joint Group of peace and freedom for Saharawi people expresses its deep concern on siege imposed in occupied Western Sahara

Galicia (Spain), May 17, 2016 (SPS) - Joint Group of Peace and freedom for the Sahrawi people in the Parliament of Galicia, which prevented from entering the Occupied Territories by the Moroccan occupation authorities, expressed its deep concern on the siege imposed on the occupied territories of Western Sahara, in a letter of condemnation to the Security Council, the Spanish government and the European parliament.

The said Group demanded Morocco to bring clarifications about its systematic violations of human rights and the prevention of international observers from entering the occupied territories of Western Sahara and review the human rights situation there.

The group also urged Morocco to immediately facilitate the return of the entire MINURSO members in a manner that allows it to carry out its full mission approved by the UN Security Council which is to hold free and fair referendum ensuring the self-determination for the people of Western Sahara.SPS