Four prominent human rights activists detained by Moroccan police

El Aaiun (occupied territories),  April 24, 2016. (SPS)  - Four human rights activists were arrested on Friday by Moroccan police at the entrance of the city of Guelemin, and forced to return to the occupied city of El Aaiun.


Activists are Sidi Mohamed Dadach, president of CODAPSO, Hmad Hamad, vice president of the same association, Bomba Lefkir and Feku Ibaihim, were detained to prevent from visiting the family of Brahim Saika, the young unionist and Saharawi activist who died on April 15 under police custody.

According to sources from the Ministry of the Occupied Territories and Community Abroad, the four were detained for half an hour and then were put in a van back to El Aaiun SPS