Murder of Sahrawi citizen: Need for intervention of international community

CHAHID EL-HAFED (Saharawi refugee camps)-President of the Saharawi Committee for Human Rights, Aba El-heyssen has "strongly" condemned the murder of Saharawi citizen Choummad Bad Jouli by Moroccan forces expressing the hope that UN Secretary General's visit to the region will be the beginning of "countdown" for the settlement of the Saharawi issue.

Speaking at a conference held Thursday in the Saharawi refugee camps (Shaheed El Hafed), El-heyssen stressed that "the assassination of the Saharawi citizen Choummad Abat Jouli by Moroccan forces is a crime added to other heinous crimes that require urgent attention from the international community."

The Saharawi official recalled that the Saharawi Committee on Human Rights had resorted to several international bodies of human rights so that they react against "these worrying developments," adding that the Saharawi civil society will submit to the UN SG all reports on political, economic, civil and social rights.

"We will ask the organization of the United Nations to assume its full responsibilities and not to turn a deaf ear to the Western Sahara issue," he affirmed.

"We hope this visit will be the beginning of countdown for the United Nations to assume its full responsibility for the decolonization of Western Sahara in order to put an end to the suffering of the Saharawi people, separated by the Wall of Shame, built by Morocco," the Saharawi official added.

"We won't content ourselves with regrets expressed by the UN Secretary General, as these regrets are minimal compared to the crimes, violations and excesses perpetrated by the Moroccan occupation against the Saharawi people since many years," he stressed.